How to Build a Profitable Website Network

Creating niche websites and networking them is the key to successful profitable website networking. Todayís search engines are improving their detection of entrepreneurs and other website owners jumping through loopholes to reach front-page listings. However, it is possible to combine niche sites to see an increase in quality, targeted traffic and increase in sales. There are several techniques to employ for a successful profitable website network.

SEO Keywords in Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one method to raise individual page rankings and entire websites. Whether your company is offering a service or selling products, anyone can use SEO. Select keywords that pertain to the niche website. List these words in a column on a data sheet. Repeat this for each of the niche website. Examine the columns for overlapping keywords.

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Overlapping keywords are important to target for the initial content on your websites. Content can be articles related to the services or products. For example, one of the overlapping keywords is security. The content could be about the importance of security systems. Another piece of content could be a description of a specific security camera. Use the word security several times in both pieces of content.

Variations of keywords will make the content easier to read. Use the plural form of the keyword selected for the niche sites. For example, for the keyword security camera, use security cameras as the plural once or twice on the webpage.

SEO Keywords in Page Coding

Place keywords in the coding for the niche websites. Insert keywords in the Meta tags and in the page description. Make certain that the keywords are in the first few lines of the title and the page itself. For example, Benís Shop is not a good page title because these words are not keywords. Benís Security Shop would be a better title.

Incoming Links for Profitable Website Networks

It is no longer possible to rank high on the search engines with interconnected links. It is important to place each niche on a separate domain. You can link keywords from each niche to specific pages of complimentary niches. For example link the keyword camera, from a security camera niche to a specialized digital camera niche.

Write to webmasters of similar niches and request sharing of links. You would link to specific keywords on your site to their site. Many people use a one to one ratio of reciprocal links. Search engines examine the types of incoming links to determine how popular a website is. A website with 5 or more incoming links from different domains tells the search engine the site is popular and is in demand.

Visitor Usability for Profitable Networking

It is imperative to keep your visitors on your website for as long as possible. Once visitors find the websites through the search engines or other advertisement, they want to easily navigate the site. Provide compressed graphics for faster page loading. Test the codes of the website on different web browsers to make certain the pages support multiple browsers.

Use the font colour blue for active links to pages within your site and outgoing links. Web users are accustomed to underlined, blue text for navigation and linking. The click ratio increases by keeping the link colour consistent with the rest of the Internet.

Move video or audio plug-ins to the middle or lower portion of the page. Visitors with dial-up or slow modem connections leave websites that take too long to load. The landing page should be easy to navigate and quick to load.

Going Beyond the Niche Competitors

Focus on providing more than the competitors. Provide informational articles, interesting photos and website security to your visitors. Give easy-to-find contact information and customer service information. Business owners can create a sense of urgency to purchase a product or service without the landing page being completely splattered in advertisements. Build a quick sense of trust with visitors to convert them to buyers for your services and products.

Putting it All Together

Networks turn become profitable with the focused placement of specific keywords. The use of incoming and outgoing links related to the niche further enhances search engine rankings. Once visitors find the niche, it is imperative to make certain they can quickly locate navigational links. Providing more than your competitors builds trust that translates into higher profits.

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